Today I successfully learned a lot about Django but did not produce much code to show for it 😦 Next I need to spend more time looking at the details of Django’s built in User class as well as its form field validators – I thought I had implemented the validators properly, but I kept getting weird errors. Time to read up and try again.

Briefcase Documents

Briefcase is an open-source alternative to Google docs. We will attempt to imitate all the features that Google docs gives its users in an open source program that can be deployed to your own personal server. Google docs is not inherently bad, it is actually quite good in comparison to other program. However there are some key features that it does not do well enough. Google docs is also not open source so when a user finds a bug all they can do is try to report it and hope it gets fixed. While with open source program a user, who is savvy enough, could fix the bug themselves if they wanted and share the bug-fix with the community. This is what we hope to achieve. Briefcase will be under the BSD license.