Pitch Presentation

After giving out first presentation we have received a lot of feedback from others about how to make our project better. The biggest one by far was a way for end-users to create custom functions or macros. These functions will be written in Javascript and can be edited by the user within the browser. A ‘Debug’ mode will also be implemented due to the dangerous nature of user javascript being run when a page loads. Colin Kuebler has also decided to help us out with a few of the front end components, including an off-line mode. I will be working on saving and loading spreadsheets in the next week. Followed by starting a functional programming method. I will upload the “slide” show from our presentation soon, once I find a good place to put it.
– Asher

Function Generations
All functions return a string
Arguments are passed in from the document’s text
Application programming interface to manipulate the document
Shortcut Keys can be mapped to functions, they pass in current environment variable
Libraries are used to access functions
User.function() is used to access any functions the user writes
More of the documentation will be added later

Breaking up the code

Each application that can be used in briefcase is divided up into three parts. There is the central application which is basically just a canvas element. then there is the container file. The container file is the tool bar of the program. Things like (File View Edit) and so on will be stored here, they expect to have the central application loaded and will not need to redefine any functions themselves. The final file is the whole html page. This will most likely be generated by php,django,rails or whatever back-end framework is being used. The whole html page will NOT load the contents of the application, if we did this then you could not open any files that you embed in other applications. Another reason that this program is broken down into three parts is so that the “viewer” and the “editor” can be the same program while the “editor” has another wrapper around it with the toolbars.

Layers Example


Starting making a logo as well as looking at header/subheader font choices and possible website color schemes. Haven’t pushed anything to the repo yet, but hopefully will get something soon that I can show. Hmmm I wonder what type of image could be associated with the name “Briefcase”???