Finishing up the semester

The semester is coming to a close and the amount of work coming from other work is increasing, only to soon drop off to zero. I will be traveling for a a week after the work finishes but then I will be back and ready to dominate some keyboard and blow the minds of computers with mind-blowing software. The next front end feature will be functional scroll bars. For those of you who have been watching the repo you will notice that the current master branch has no scrollbars whatsoever. I guarantee that will change. The UI will be getting a nice new overhaul as well in order to make room for menus that will be similar between Briefcase applications. These menus will be written in XML, but more on that later.

Asher Glick
Look forward to progress

More Scrollbars

Just recently finished a demo program that was able to create scrollbars on top of divs with customizable widths and heights. Now that this is done they will be implemented into the actual application soon, hopefully by the end of the week. We also ran into some more issues with the server, but this time it is just because I am acting lazy. Beth has created a new branch of the repo for the time being where all of the paths are configured for her laptop instead of the server. While working on this the functionality to save and load was half-implemented. By that I mean that the spreadsheet can be compressed to and extracted from a byte-stream, however the byte-stream is not actually sent to the server, nor is is loaded from the server. Once we get everything back up and running the way it should be I hope to finish that feature.

The function parser is also still being developed, right now I am working on building it so that it will add template comments, to each function, that can be read later and used to help describe the function in the HTML so the end users can use it more easily. Thats all for now and thanks to everyone who has helped us with our project.

– Asher


So I put up the logo in the media today since I realized even though I did that a long time ago, I never added it to the blog.

This weekend hopefully Asher and I will be able to start merging the front end and the back end. Yay saving and loading! I’m pretty sure I have the back end about ready to handle this. Right now the users can save files to their account and they will save on the server in the correct folder. I also updated the user accounts to be able to store more information so that I could store more information about the files if needed.

Now back to projects, hw, studying……END OF SEMESTER AND FINALLLSSS AHHHHHH!