Merging, 403s, and Ajax

So today Asher and I worked together for a few hours. We merged my laptop branch back with the master branch. I also changed some of the folder structure and updated the absolute paths needed in the settings file to reflect those changes and the merge.

We mostly worked on implementing saving – aka getting an ajax post request processed in django. For a while we were getting a 403 error. We finally discovered it was because of djangos CSRF protection. After some changes on Asher’s side of things we successfully processed a request. The next step will be sending actual data and storing it on the server.

We also discovered that the server does not like when both of us try to push/pull/commit to github from it…so if our commit/push authors are a mess today that is why. Asher wants to implement a program that will have the server automatically pull the changes down so we can edit on our laptops and have the changes reflect there automatically.

Back on campus

The school year has started and we are back on campus. I am looking forward to the semester. Last semester we were able to get help from other people who wanted to contribute, and I am hoping to get even more this year. There are now two in-progress applications for the front end of briefcase, a spreadsheet, and a text / code editor.  The Spreadsheet is coming along nicely and should be fully usable in just a few weeks! The text editor is having a few cross-browser issues that still need to be fixed, and there are a few features, like syntax highlighting, that I am sure I will need help designing. Thanks everybody who has contributed so far and I hope that you continue to do so!

dad fixed it….

DAD FIXED IT! I had a random space : /

django hates javascript

So I did everything Django said to be able to serve Asher’s javascript files during development using django and I STILL CAN’T GET IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!! frustration…….

New loathing for Google Chrome

With a small diversion from working on the spreadsheet I have begun work on a code editor, this editor uses content editable tags inside of a <pre> tag, firefox did have some odd ways of handling the newline characters with a few difficulties with break statement but it all coherently played out in a sane manner, use a <br> tag to go to the next line. After some minor successes I found everything to be in order and I was very exited to start adding the cool features to the document, like text hilighting. So I decided to test it out in chrome just to make sure everything worked the same.

It did not

Chrome apparently does not like the <br> tag and instead is in love with <div> tags, every new-line is just stuck within another div so you have stacks of divs, not text. This caused the text to actually overlap previous lines of text until I fixed the CSS for <div> tags. The result of my finding show that I should probably just override whatever the enter/return key actually does and do whatever I want to instead. That way no matter what browser you are using you will always be using my script to do what I want you to do.

I still just don’t see what it is about Chrome that make everyone love it, huh…


Back to work

Now that crunch time for other projects has ended I am going to return to working on Briefcase, and I am hoping for some cool new features to be implemented soon… most notably scroll bars with a few UI updates coming in the next couple weeks. A website will be going up soon as well to allow you to demo briefcase without having to download it. I will also try to get a blog post out more then once a week to keep you updated.

– Asher