Merging, 403s, and Ajax

So today Asher and I worked together for a few hours. We merged my laptop branch back with the master branch. I also changed some of the folder structure and updated the absolute paths needed in the settings file to reflect those changes and the merge.

We mostly worked on implementing saving – aka getting an ajax post request processed in django. For a while we were getting a 403 error. We finally discovered it was because of djangos CSRF protection. After some changes on Asher’s side of things we successfully processed a request. The next step will be sending actual data and storing it on the server.

We also discovered that the server does not like when both of us try to push/pull/commit to github from it…so if our commit/push authors are a mess today that is why. Asher wants to implement a program that will have the server automatically pull the changes down so we can edit on our laptops and have the changes reflect there automatically.

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