Previous work on Briefcase

In the past few weeks there is not much that has happened to Briefcase. In addition to moving into a new home, I have been working on a few other projects that needed attention. Now they have reached a semi-stable state and I have new motivation to work on Briefcase. My current work will be on the Code Editor. Originally I had planned to use the LDT highlighter ( ) however while using it i realized that it does not have all of the features that I want to have in the code editor. As a result I have begun making more modifications to the LDT, hopefully we will see the core features implemented soon.

– Asher


Moving to a new home

Last week I moved into a new apartment, when I got there the place was a mess and I have been spending the last week and a half cleaning it up. Though it is not perfectly clean, I now have a bed to sleep on and a desk to do work at. Not to mention I just got a new computer as well. A nice practical computer with two monitors, a nice graphics cards, a good processor, a solid state drive for the operating system, and plenty of ram. Aside from the heat I believe I will be quite comfortable coding here for many days. I cant wait to get back to working on Briefcase.

– Asher