New Interest in our Project

A few people have talked to me about joining our project, however we are still focusing on developing the API for building and using the briefcase interface. However there are some key tasks that need to be acomplished in order to get Briefcase fully off the ground. As a result I will be creating two groups to work on Briefcase. The first group is Briefcase – Core. We will be working on the core API and functionality of Briefcase including the menu system, Django server, the user input configurations, along with the spreadsheet and code editor applications. The second team will be the Briefcase – Dev team. They will be in charge of integrating Briefcase with Apache and other webservers, creating a front facing web site with helpful info about how to use and install Briefcase (the github wiki is just not cutting it anymore), and help run tests on Briefcase-Core. I hope to be able to get a few younger students to help out with this as a good way to introduce them to RCOS and a good way to get code written for the project.

– Asher

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