Spreadsheet multi user

Today Asher and I worked on multi-user editing again. Now the database is updated when a user sends in changes. I’m a little worried about performance issues – but we will deal with that in the future. Glad to have a working version for now.


Code Editor and a faster spreadsheet

This past week has been a busy one, but we have been able to squeeze in a few new features to briefcase in the meantime. The first feature is that Jerry is almost done with the core features of the syntax hilighter, tabbing, auto tabbing, and line numbers have almost come to fruition. The Spreadsheet is also getting a slight overhaul from a canvas element to a native table. The result of this will be that we will finally get to implement changing the cell sizes in a rational non-expensive manner. The scroll bars once again are going to be changing to (what I hope to be) their final state. Due to the re factoring nature of the changes in the spreadsheet they are currently located on a new branch.