Creating new programs

With everything going smoothly we have begun looking to the future. We plan to begin implementing a basic version of a slide show program this week so that we can use it to present all of our future presentations with. This functionality will be very similar to the spreadsheet functionality allowing for simple saving and loading with the most recent user get to keep their change. The basic slideshow program will have the ability to display text and images to the user on different slides. More customization like animations will come later after the slide show creator and presenter work for text and images.

A development server and some cool updates!

We now have a live server that anyone is welcome to test out. You can find it at . It is currently being run on a free heroku server so not to much process power is dedicated to it. In order to register you will need the key: 62657468. Furthermore we also have a working version of the spreadsheet, with scroll bars and all! There are still a few non-critical bugs and a bundle of features that have not been created yet, however we will be moving focus off of the spreadsheet for a short while in order to get the presentation editor off the ground and to bring the code editor to a stable version. The backend has been recreated in order to provide ease of use to the developers, end users, and sysadmins. This was done by creating a “apps” folder inside of the briefcase directory. In order to add a new brifcase application into briefcase you merely drag the application folder into “apps” and restart django. And one last thing for this post is that we have reached 1000 commits for the entire project. I know that along the way I have learned a lot about programming and web development and so far it has been quite fun. I can only hope that it will continue to be fun for the foreseeable future.

– Asher