Spreadsheet multi user

Today Asher and I worked on multi-user editing again. Now the database is updated when a user sends in changes. I’m a little worried about performance issues – but we will deal with that in the future. Glad to have a working version for now.

Allowed Users and UGRS

Today Asher and I submitted our abstract for Briefcase to the undergrad research symposium. Not much else to say about that 🙂

We also worked on getting allowed_users working. I added a many to many relationship field to the Spreadsheet database model that links with the UserProfile model. Asher changed it so that the owner username and the file primary key can be sent through the url. Now not only can you view a spreadsheet if you are the owner, you can also view someone else’s spreadsheet if you are logged into an account that is in the allowed users list for that file.


Today I started switching the file system over to django models and linking them with owner users. I didn’t get very far, but I’m meeting with Asher on saturday to make more progress. Some of the stuff I need to do I can’t do without him since I don’t know much about his front end. Hopefully at the end of saturday we will have saving and loading spreadsheets from the database working – including being able to save multiple files.

Also, I actually used something I learned in the database systems class I’m currently taking. Even though django models the database for you based off of your models, you still need to manage the types of relationships to a degree. I started messing with adding a many to many field to the spreadsheet model that would represent the “allowed users” relationship between spreadsheets and user profiles.

Merging, 403s, and Ajax

So today Asher and I worked together for a few hours. We merged my laptop branch back with the master branch. I also changed some of the folder structure and updated the absolute paths needed in the settings file to reflect those changes and the merge.

We mostly worked on implementing saving – aka getting an ajax post request processed in django. For a while we were getting a 403 error. We finally discovered it was because of djangos CSRF protection. After some changes on Asher’s side of things we successfully processed a request. The next step will be sending actual data and storing it on the server.

We also discovered that the server does not like when both of us try to push/pull/commit to github from it…so if our commit/push authors are a mess today that is why. Asher wants to implement a program that will have the server automatically pull the changes down so we can edit on our laptops and have the changes reflect there automatically.

dad fixed it….

DAD FIXED IT! I had a random space : /

django hates javascript

So I did everything Django said to be able to serve Asher’s javascript files during development using django and I STILL CAN’T GET IT TO WORK!!!!!!!!! frustration…….


So I put up the logo in the media today since I realized even though I did that a long time ago, I never added it to the blog.

This weekend hopefully Asher and I will be able to start merging the front end and the back end. Yay saving and loading! I’m pretty sure I have the back end about ready to handle this. Right now the users can save files to their account and they will save on the server in the correct folder. I also updated the user accounts to be able to store more information so that I could store more information about the files if needed.

Now back to projects, hw, studying……END OF SEMESTER AND FINALLLSSS AHHHHHH!

Recent Server Explosion and Second Presentation of the Semester

So I was hoping to have saving and loading files under user accounts done for this presentation, but unfortunately our server decided to die. So I won’t be presenting that till next time I suppose.

Asher and I met yesterday to work on the presentation. We also clarified/brainstormed future things we want to implement. Hopefully we can get the server back up and running so I can finish the basic backend and start helping Asher with the much more complicated frontend. While the server’s down I think I’ll start looking more at his code as well as working on some graphic UI elements.


Well this is quite a boring blog post, but what can I say….SKYRIM!



Starting making a logo as well as looking at header/subheader font choices and possible website color schemes. Haven’t pushed anything to the repo yet, but hopefully will get something soon that I can show. Hmmm I wonder what type of image could be associated with the name “Briefcase”???


Today I successfully learned a lot about Django but did not produce much code to show for it 😦 Next I need to spend more time looking at the details of Django’s built in User class as well as its form field validators – I thought I had implemented the validators properly, but I kept getting weird errors. Time to read up and try again.