Saving and Loading

Last weekend we got the saving and loading feature to work for the spreadsheet and django using ajax.We will be expanding this feature in the coming weeks to include:

  • Multiple files to be saved by each user
  • Multiple file types to be saved by each user
  • Files can be shared in between users
  • Files can be edited by multiple users at the same time

An API for saving and loading is also going to be developed. This will help when creating more complex applications with more then one central data source. It will be able to take in a variable (or multiple variables) and send an AJAX request to the server. The functions will also be able to get the file via AJAX from the server and parse into it’s individual variables.

Merging, 403s, and Ajax

So today Asher and I worked together for a few hours. We merged my laptop branch back with the master branch. I also changed some of the folder structure and updated the absolute paths needed in the settings file to reflect those changes and the merge.

We mostly worked on implementing saving – aka getting an ajax post request processed in django. For a while we were getting a 403 error. We finally discovered it was because of djangos CSRF protection. After some changes on Asher’s side of things we successfully processed a request. The next step will be sending actual data and storing it on the server.

We also discovered that the server does not like when both of us try to push/pull/commit to github from it…so if our commit/push authors are a mess today that is why. Asher wants to implement a program that will have the server automatically pull the changes down so we can edit on our laptops and have the changes reflect there automatically.